‘Right to Repair ‘: Soon, consumers and third-party vendors may fix products

A report by online platform LocalCircles stated that almost half of respondents felt the repair fees to be prohibitive, despite the fact that roughly 38% of families surveyed had more than three devices that needed repair, such as laptops and mobile phones. According to the report, 43 percent of Indian households have three or more devices that are less than five years old and are in need of maintenance or repair. These include smartphones and laptops. About 47% of households claimed that the expense of repairing outdated technology was unaffordable and uneconomical, therefore they bought a new gadget instead.

The information is based on a survey that asked how many households have less than five-year-old computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, and other tech-related devices. Many respondents decided against trying to get their item repaired locally or by the manufacturer in favour of purchasing a new one.

More than 34,000 people from 309 Indian districts responded to the poll. 39 percent of the responders were female, while 61 percent were men. The poll, according to LocalCircles creator Sachin Taparia, was carried out between April 10 and July 9. While Tier 1 cities accounted for 47% of respondents, Tier 2 cities accounted for 31%, and Tier 3 and 4 towns and rural regions accounted for 22%.

When asked why they chose to buy a new laptop, desktop, tablet, printer, or phone to replace one that was less than five years old, 47% of consumers responded that the cost of service was prohibitive, while 18% said that they tried to get repairs done but the manufacturer fell short.

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